illustrator • designer • content creator

I am a chibi artist specializing in drawing chibis from a variety of video game series (jrpgs, Fighting Games, and visual novels).I've been vending in the artist alley scene for 2 years.I draw a variety of niche video games as they are my passion and I love connecting with attendees about these series since they are often not present in a lot of conventions. I provide fanmerch for these attendees since they often cannot find merch of their favorite series at cons.I also love supporting my FG locals by collaborating with my local Tekken scene in creating fun giveaway prizes for both experienced players and new players. I've also collaborated with my local Hyper X Arena with FG nights as well! I love going to other FG events and meeting various Tekken players and making connections with the community and representing the Las Vegas FGC.Aside from events, I do commissions for clients such as Vtubers, streamers, local stores such as Kuma Co in designing their mascot, and making educational shorts for other aspiring artists.

original and video game inspired art

Convention and FGC events Booth Setup

FG and Gaming Fanart

Original Art- Floofy Poms

Streaming Commissions

Personal Commissions